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good-paying job. fourth, i will move to tackle out-of-control spending. i will send congress the first of several fundamental reforms the down downpayment on fiscal sanity act. well cut not just slow the rate of growth but cut government spending. i will not only take office january 20 but i will take responsibility for that office, as well. number five i will act to boost small business and all business and issue executive orders aimed at problem holding our economy back, creating state waivers from obamacare to begin their repeal. second, i will launch a sweeping review of all the obama era regulations where an eye to
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eliminating or repairing those that are killing jobs. and for the first time in four years every entrepreneur every small business person, every job creator will know the president and the government of the united states likes them and loves the jobs and higher wages they bring to our fellow americans. we will limit government rather than limiting dreams of our fellow americans. our choice on tuesday can lead to one of two very different outcomes. if the president were to be re-elected he would be unable to work with the people in congress, he has ignored them, blamed them and attack them. the debt ceiling will come up again. and shut down and default will be threatened. that freezes the economy. the president was right the other day when he said he can't change washington from the inside, only from the outside.
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we will give him that chance soon. >> now, when i'm elected, i'm going to work with republicans and democrats in congress, i'm going to meet regularly with leaders and identify the good men and women on both sides of the aisle that care more about the country than they do about politics. now, the president were to be reelected, he's of course going to continue his war on oil, coal, and natural gas and when i'm elected we're going to change course and energy to build jobs and help with prices at the pump and achieve north american independency in eight years. now, if the president were to
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be reelected he'd continue to crush small business with his plan to raise taxes, expand regulations to impose obamacare. i care about small business. i see it as a means for people to fulfill their dreams. last week, i met rota elliott, virginia, richmond. she's been running her family restaurants for years, the business has been in her family, bill's barbecue for 82 years and at that point she employed 200 people. she just closed it down. she told me that the regulations, the taxes, obamacare, and the effects of the obama economy put her out of business, and she teared up. this wasn't about money, this was about a future for her family and for her family of employees. look, i want to help the hundreds and thousands of these dreamers like rota, and i will. (cheers). you know, by the way, if the
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president were reelected he's going to say anything he has to get your support and think he's going to improve our schools, but in the final analysis he's going to do what his largest campaign contributors tell him to do and that's the public sector unions and so your kids would have the same schools with the same results. when i'm president, i'll be avoice of the children and their parents because they don't have a union at the big day. i want to make sure that parents have the information they need to know if the school is succeeding or not, and i want them to have the choice of the schools they believe is right for their child's future. you know, when i was governor of my state, we took our schools to the top of the nation. and we did it by working together, republicans and democrats, listening to our good advice from our teachers and people who have dedicated their lives to teaching their kids, to listening also to parents and always putting the students first and their
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education first. i'll do the same thing as president. now, these last few months of our campaign, gather the strength of the movement, which is obvious by looking around this audience tonight. (cheer (cheers). and it's not just and not only the size of the crowds, it's also the depth of our shared conviction. it's made me strive to be even more worthy of your support and to campaign as i would govern and to speak for the aspirations of all americans. i learned as governor of massachusetts that the best achievements are shared achievements and respect and goodwill go a long way and return in kind and that's how i'll conduct myself as president, i'll bring people together, i won't just represent one party, i will represent one nation. (cheer (cheers) >> usa! usa! usa!
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>> throughout this campaign, using every argument he could think of, president obama has tried to convince you that these last four years have been a success. and so his plan for the next four years is to take all the ideas from his first term, the stimulus, the borrowing, obamacare, all the rest and do them all over again. he calls that plan forward. i call it forewarned. the same course we have been on will not lead to a better destination. the same path means 20 trillion in debt. it means crippling unemployment continuing. it means stagnant take home pay and depressed home values and a devastated military. and unless we change course, we could be looking at another recession. in the closing argument just
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this last week, the president asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. (cheers). together we must lead america to a better place. now, we're only two days away from a fresh start, two days away from the new beginning. my conviction that better days are ahead are not based on promises and rhetoric, but on solid plan, and proven results and an unshakeable faith in the american spirit. is anyone worried that the last four years are the best we can do? does anyone who fears that the measured american dream is fading away, wonder whether better jobs and paychecks are a thing of the past, i have a clear and unequivocal message,
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with the right leadership, america is ready to come roaring back. we're americans, we can do anything! (cheers) >> the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we've known is lack of leadership and that's why we have elections. this tuesday is a moment to look into the future and imagine what we can do, to put the past four years behind us and start filling a future. you saw the differences between the president and i, when we were standing side by si side in our debates. he said it had to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he's offering excuses. i've got a plan. i can't wait for us to get started. he's hoping we'll settle. americans don't settle, we build, we aspire, we dream, we look at that point and we can do better. a better life, a the better
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america. and that better life is out there, it's waiting for us. our destiny is in your hands, two more days, two more days and we can get to work rebuilding our country, restoring our confidence, renewing our conviction. we are confident that we're on a solid path, confident that college grads four years from now will find better jobs. confidence that single moms working two jobs will have a shot of a better job. i want to -- i want to take just a moment and tell, but an experience i had just last night. it reminded me of something that happened many years ago. i was serving as a leader in the boy scouts of america. and have some scouters here, i can tell. we were at the court of honor, and a big for micah table and
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i was sitting next to the flag in the flagpole and the speaker was from monument, colorado and described the fact that his troop wanted a special american flag and bought one and flown above the capitol building. they wanted it to go on the space shuttle and nasa agreed. the boys were so proud looking from home rooms at school and home run saw the space shuttle challenger launch into the air and saw it explode on the tv screen and he said, he called nasa a couple of weeks later and said have you found any remnant of our flag and they hadn't. and he said he called every week, month after month, nothing. finally, sometime later he was reading an article in the newspaper and it mentioned the debris that was collected from the challenger disaster. and there was a -- a note about a flag so he called nasa and said have you found some part of our flag and nasa said in fact, we have a presentation to make to your boys.
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so, nasa came and the boy scout troop gathered and they were presented with a plastic container and they opened it up, and there was their flag in perfect condition. and he said, that was on the flagpole, mr. romney at the end of the table and i reached over and touched a hold of that flag and pulled it out, it was as if electricity was running through my arm because i thought about the sacrifice of those men and women in our space program, who put themselves in harm's way for learning, for pioneering, for usment. it's part of the american spirit to live for something bigger than yourselves. i see the men and women who served in our military and over the years, they serve us for liberty, for freedom, for hope and prosperity. i love all the verses in that wonderful hymn, american the beautiful. one in particular stands out. o beautiful for heros proved
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in liberating strive, who more themselves their country love and mercy more than life. will our veterans and members of the armed forces please raise their hands and be recognized. (cheers). we americans live for things bigger than ourselves, for schools, our children, our nation, our families. i think about my sister lynn, her husband died years ago, she has eight children, seven on their own. the 8th had downs syndrome and now 43 years old and stays at home with his mom. and she devotes her time to her child. i love american's moms, single moms and dads make a difference for their families.
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this, this christmas, thinking of all the, all the couples that are not going to be exchanging gifts with one another so they can make sure to have a great christmas for their kids, think of the single moms, who are scraping and saving to get by so they can make sure and have a good meal on the table for their kids at the end of the day. think of all the dads and moms working two jobs so they can buy the kind of clothes that their kids need so they don't stand out at school. we're a generous people, we give to others in need. we live for things bigger than ourselves. and on november 6th, we can come together for a better future. and on november 7th, we're going to get to work. (cheers) i'd like you to reach across the street to that neighbor with the other guy's yard sign and we'll reach across the aisle to washington of people of good faith and
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party. it's much more than our moment, it's america's purpose for renewal and optimism. we've journeyed far and wide in this great campaign for america's future and now we're almost home, one final push will get us there. we've known many long days and short nights, and now we're close. the door to a brighter future is there, it's open, it's waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work, i want you to walk with me. let's walk together, we're taking back america! we're coming back, we're going to keep america the hope of the earth with your help, pennsylvania. we love you, thank you so very much, good to be with you, thank you! (cheers) >> governor mitt romney in morrisville, pennsylvania, and east of philadelphia.
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the secret service says 20,000 people made it through the security lines there into that event. a big event there in morrisville, pennsylvania. if governor romney is going to turn that traditionally blue state red he's going to have to do it in the suburban areas bucks county and the area where he is now. the g.o.p. has not won pennsylvania in 20 years. democrats call it a desperate ploy to expand the map and republicans is say they're seeing real things in the polls in pennsylvania and precipitated the trip. the governor continuing an optimistic close in front of this big crowd in pennsylvania. and now, the question is, whether he'll be able to close the deal in this traditionally blue state. governor mitt romney in morrisville, pennsylvania. now, we'll send it over to shepard smith and the fox report.
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report. >> bret, thanks, the fox report on a sunday. i'm shepard smith in new york. we're less than 20 hours from election day and first polls close 48 hours from now. the campaigns have plans for just about every minute that remains. both president obama and governor romney hopscotched the country, landening swing state after swing state and the president started the day in concorde, new hampshire with former president bill clinton, in a state that carries a moto of live free or die, he knows there should be a limit what the government does. >> folks across in had you sham shire and across the country they don't want to see government do everything. they want to make sure that the government is giving people tools to succeed. >> after new hampshire, the president headed to florida and later this evening in the important swing state of ohio and time for a quick stop in colorado scheduled to speak at late night complain event there. governor romney began in des moines, iowa where he told
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voters, it's time to change the course of our nation. >> we're only two days away from a very different path, from a fresh start. two days away from a new beginning. beginning. >> and after iowa governor romney's team headed to cleveland. he just spoke at a rally there in pennsylvania as you heard and later tonight scheduled for a campaign event in virginia. a state with 13 crucial electoral votes. we have team coverage tonight. ed henry in cincinnati covering president obama first to carl cameron live in pa with a romney camp with the event just wrapping up. this is his first visit in a long time to pennsylvania and you wonder what the real strategy is here? >> it is, shep. weeks and weeks since he's been here and if it were only for this one event, then it might be a bit of a reach for mitt romney to expect to win a state that's been voting democrat for so many years, but it really isn't just this
7:18 pm
event. we just had a fabulous fireworks display here, romney drew 28,000 people to this event and they came in part because for the last two weeks, tens of millions of dollars of advertising has started here, and been spent here both by the romney camp and the super pacs and the independent groups that support him. and that's changed the polls dramatically. the polls have tightened up, and in some, a virtual tossup and that puts romney in striking distance in a state he wasn't competitive in, that happens to be east of ohio. advertisements in pittsburgh, voting organization, grass roots in western pennsylvania plays in eastern ohio, too, and there's ancillary benefit in that and a sign of the romney campaign wants to be perceived as expanding and with momentum on offense and aggressive. and the obama campaign is quite-- they thought it was desperate and a sign that the romney campaign is essentially looking for head fakes to pretend that they're really
7:19 pm
growing strong, but in this final weekend now, just under 49 hours before the first polls close on the east coast, here in pennsylvania and in most of the battle ground states, even if the president has a slight lead or mitt romney does, it's within the margin of error, shep. >> and carl, one last full day of campaigning tomorrow. >> reporter: oh, tomorrow is going to be another frenzied day. after this event in philadelphia, or rather i should say yardley, bucks county just outside of philadelphia, romney will shake hands for quite a bit of time and spending additional times on the road shaking hands with voters. flying tonight to central florida, tomorrow an early rally and several tens of thousands of voters to show up in florida and then he'll go to virginia, a battle ground state that's central to his victory strategy, to ohio. the quintessential bellwether that romney himself said he must win and wrap it up tomorrow night in manchester, new hampshire, and there there's expected to be another
7:20 pm
tens of thousands of people, and kid rock will play, a draw for younger voters. and a vacation home new england of his roots and new england the governor of massachusetts where he makes his home, vacation home in new hampshire and the big wrap-up which he hopes will be sort of good luck. go to the place where he first won and use that as the final event of his 2012 campaign, his presidential aspirations revealed in a campaign four years ago and have never really stopped. tomorrow the night his last political rally until perhaps after if he's running for reelection because he said he won't run again if he doesn't win, shep. >> carl cameron live tonight in morrisville, pa. the news is just starting and we'll have the other side's strategy and this is a sunday, fox report. we'll be right back. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...
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>> the president right now is head today a rally in cincinnati. the musician-- musician stevie wonder has been warming up the crowd there. and team fox coverage continues with ed henry live in cinsi. tell us what the president is focusing on in these final hours. >> and shep, wrapped up a hundred feet from me and hasn't had a chance to look at either candidate so he joked it's not about color of skin, he's supporting the president because he thinks he's the better candidate. a little humor from stevie wonder. what the president is trying to do is getting out the vote. they think they have a better ground game and turning out the vote and say they've contacted 125 million dollar voters either direct one-on-one calls or and the president is trying to push back with pit bull, another performer in florida big rally over 20,000 people and trying to say that mitt romney is not really the change candidate. take a listen. >> we know what change looks
7:25 pm
like. what governor romney is offering ain't it. giving powers back to the biggest banks, that's not change. a hundred trillion tax cuts that's not change. >> and you heard carl saying that mitt romney is going to end, and the president is doing the same. his last rally with the first lady in iowa. back where it all started for the obama campaign early in 2007, 2008 and wants to finish it there. his aides say will be the final campaign win or lose. if he loses against mitt romney his aides say he will not try to come back in 2016. this is it, shep. >> bill clinton has been a big presence the last two days, a big part of the closing argument. >> what an amazing turn around. four years ago they had clinton versus obama and bill clinton at one point said the obama campaign was the biggest fairy tale he's ever seen and what a turnabout, he's now done more than two dozen
7:26 pm
campaign events for president obama, including this morning in a frigid concorde, new hampshire in what he's doing is really hitting mitt romney hard for various flip-flops, such as the auto bailout. take a listen. >> he's tied himself into so many knots saying he didn't oppose what he clearly opposed and he'll have a job as a chief contortionist at cirque de solel. >> now, the clinton campaigning continues and we've got word that bill clinton tomorrow will attend four events in pennsylvania. as you've been noting with carl, democrats have been down playing the late romney charge saying it's desperate a hail mary and the fact that they're sending bill clinton into four different stops in pennsylvania in the final hours tomorrow suggest maybe the obama camp is more nervous than they're letting on, shep. >> all right, ed henry on the road for us, voters in the battle ground state of virginia standing in line for hours to cast their ballots, past the state deadline as the
7:27 pm
judge issues a ruling on early voting in a very important one, after officials shut down a polling station. plus, a look at the range within margins in some swing states including virginia where the experts say a couple of counties could decide who wins in old dominion. we have new polls and we'll bring them to you, from the journalists at fox news on this sunday fox report. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> it's half past the hour, half past seven along the
7:31 pm
eastern seaboard and there's an urgent race right now to get power on in the northeast before more people freeze. tonight, temperatures dropping near freezing in many parts, to freezing in others, a bone chilling cold for the nearly 2 million homes still without power. it's been a week since that storm. officials say a man died of hypo thermia last night in the state of new jersey, today the governor there, chris christie stressed the importance of getting power on and fast. >> and i was on the phone with the companies and on with them at 5:30 this afternoon and we are going to continue to is push and shove and use my type of gentle persuasion, you know, i'm able to do that, very subtle, gentle persuasion. >> shepard: the feds announced they're looking for available apartments and hotel rooms to help victims who have nowhere to live and relief workers are rushing to get supplies to everybody in need and still frustrations boiled over this weekend. victims lashed out at new york
7:32 pm
city mayor michael bloomberg and local station, ny 1, the local news channel caught the confrontation. >> this old lady has nothing, nothing. >> when are we going to get some (bleep) help. (bleep). >> take pictures. >> mr. mayor, seriously, people out here are very frustrated. >> and talk to the press. >> what's your response to people out here who are-- >> and working as hard as they can, the federal government, the state government, the city government we have an enormous number of city employees who haven working essentially 24/7. >> shepard: mayor bloomberg said drivers should expect gas shortages to continue for days. new jersey is in its second day of gas rationing. the likes of which we haven't seen since the gas crisis of the 1970's or what they called it at the time. rick leventhal in live in hoboken across the river from manhattan. how is the rationing working there, rick? >> we're clearly having
7:33 pm
trouble with rick's microphone. it's my understanding that we may have that back now. is that right? no. all right, well, the moment we get rick back up, i can tell you the rationing was a last ditch effort to in some ways stopping the panic buying that was happening and i spoke to two cab drivers, two separate ones who told stories of sitting in the line for seven hours to get gasoline. rick leventhal is back with us now and i know that jersey is trying. >> reporter: well, they are, shepard. and gas lines are still an issue here and could be for a week or more and the governor urging people not to hoard fuel and not to panic, they have instituted that odd-even system, people with odd plates can if i am up on odd days and even on even days. the issue not a lack of fuel, but the distribution of it and the governor said the national guard is now helping out, moving fuel with big trucks to gas stations that have power
7:34 pm
and trying to get generators to gas stations that can handle them, not all can. as you mentioned, shepard, the temperatures dangerously low, he very, very cold, a lot of people moved to shelters with heat and comfort stations like the one behind me in hoboken, to get a hot meal and recharge their phones. >> shepard: what about getting the power back on, how is it coming. >> reporter: they were at 2.7 million and now less than a million, a good number, but not a comfort to people who don't have power. out of state help, 11,000 utilities workers on the ground. 8,000 out of state as far away as ohio. and at a local race track and hundreds of troopers out of state to man road blocks and patrol streets from maine, vermont, michigan, mississippi, another big concern is another big storm that's on the way. >> shepard: yeah, they're forecasting a nor'easter to
7:35 pm
come on wednesday, that could have as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour winds and two to three inches of rain. that would obviously be a huge pain, huge. to what we're trying to do here. >> listen, i can do lots of things, i can't change the weather. >> reporter: there are a lot of roads that haven't been cleared, trains that aren't running and hope to get a third of the schools open tomorrow, shepard. a you quarter of the polling places have been damaged with election day, a few days away. >> shepard: rick leventhal in hoboken. a poll shows that the battle for the key state of ohio is mightily close. the numbers, columbus dispatch, final polls, the president leads governor romney 50-48. statistically that's a sky. nbc news and wall street journal poll shows the president leading by 6 points. that's just inside the margin of error. of course, no republican has won the presidency without
7:36 pm
winning ohio's electoral votes and the columbus dispatch, this marks an 83rd time that the presidential candidates visited ohio this year. and steve brown is live in columbus. the president is a proponent of early voting. >> as of friday 1.6 million oh ohioans one in five registered voters in the buckeye state. early voting continued throughout weekend and that number is this going to grow and in franklin county which includes the city of columbus, folks trying to early vote today were in for a pretty long wait. >> i wanted to try to beat the lines, but we couldn't, but we're in another line here. >> you didn't expect this. no, i didn't. pretty crazy. >> i've been waiting for probably about 45 minutes so not too long. >> reporter: and paper absentee ballots are pouring in and will continue to do so. the number of early votes may
7:37 pm
reach as much as 2 million when it's said and done, shep and this favors the obama campaign, something that both sides agree on. >> shepard: shep, how is the romney camp drivers supporters to the poll? >> well, there's the efforts that the campaign itself is undergoing, but we found out a lot of stuff going on in the state of ohio that's kind of under the radar. for example, consortium, different conservative groups troops on the ground out of state working the fields, if you will. we found one group of home schoolers knocking on doors of targeted values voters and don't forget the roman catholics when you're talking about christian conservatives, which is a big targets of this particular effort. there are efforts to get to these folks, roman catholics in ohio to vote their faith and we're told that they are not hard to motivate. >> we don't have to do anything other than say, here is the polling booth and here is the way to vote absentee. they're fired up and ready to go, as he would say. >> reporter: now, what pro
7:38 pm
romney are hoping is is that they can win the swingish group of roman catholics and add it to what it is they usually get on election day and see as an advantage. the question is whether or not they can rewin election day by a wide enough margin to offset what it is the obama campaign will pick up in the early voting. shep. >> steve brown live in columbus. thanks, a record breaking ad blips, targeting more than a smaller number of american people than ever. according to the associated press, since april, the candidates, parties, and those big super pacs have spent more than 1 billion dollars on tv commercials alone. and the lion's share of the ads aired in just nine battle ground states which an account for 22% of the american electorate. some political analysts say that encourages presidential candidates to ignore large portions of the nation. that's absolutely what it does. that's not a matter of opinion. and joining us john bussy, our
7:39 pm
parent company owns the journal. it is astounding to know what ohioans and virginians and pennsylvaniaens, what's happening. >> they're getting is a swamped with ad. obama has more on the air and romney spent more to get his on the air and the funding works to pay for an ad and it's literally just pouring over these nine battle ground states. and so, why is that? i mean, one-fifth of the u.s. population, over the years, what's happened is that some states have coalesced into republican zones, others into democrat. and people of similar affinity, similar belief, kind of work go into certain places in the country to live. and that's left fewer and fewer states over the years that are diverse enough to be called up for grabs. and that's what we have now, we have this very tiny sort of one-fifth of the population that's ultimately going to decide this election. >> shepard: every election
7:40 pm
cycle we sit around from time to time and talk about how dated this electoral college thing is and wonder why do we still do this? why do we still do this? >> let's think about that again, it does seem dated and problematic. and would you wish for a majority vote. in this case, in this particular election, it were to be a majority vote, we're in the same situation of the wall street journal nbc poll today has them a point apart on a national level and that's 2.5% margin of error, so, it's, it's very much within the mar begin of error, you don't know whether obama is ahead or obama is in our stats one point ahead, but that's essentially a dead heat. >> shepard: one thing that strikes me as different than the past four or five cycles, it seems if you're for one guy, you simply cannot imagine how anyone would vote for the other one of the it's as polarized as anything i've ever seen. each side seems to think the
7:41 pm
other guy is just going to ruin the world. >> that's right, and studies of this show that in fact, the populous has gotten more polarized. those states viewed as republican have gotten more republican over those cycles that you've covered. the states that are democrat have gotten even more democrat. but think about tshep, we're going to be now in an election this year, that like 2000, 2004, and now, 2012, is going to go right down to the wire and it may be a very, very late night into the next day. >> shepard: i'm anticipating it, we have lots of coffee on the ready. >> smart move. >> shepard: john bussy, thank you. >> shepard: much more ahead from america's headquarters. today, a police bomb squad played a role in florida's early voting push. a bomb squad. that and a slew of lawsuits as you can imagine before we even get to november the 6th. that's next. polaris has what. legendary atvs led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides
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>> suspicious packages, long lines and lawsuits all part of early voting effort in the
7:45 pm
battle ground state of florida. today a judge extended voting in orange county, which is orlando and surrounding area, after a suspicious package yesterday forced the shutdown of a polling station there. it was a cooler. the bomb squad blew it up. democrats sued for extra time and they won. and also today the elections office in miami-dade county reported or reopened after shutting its doors to voters who waited in long lines for an absentee ballot. election officials said the size of the crowd overwelcomed the workers and they were short staffed and working with one printer. some voters then banged on the front door and demanded to vote and the office reopened about an hour later. weirdness abound. steve harrigan is live with us, he is in tampa this evening. some florida lawsuits and they say it's about election day, where do things stand. >> shepard, the florida democratic party does have a lawsuit and trying to extend early voting hours, in some places in miami-dade county on saturday, lines to vote were
7:46 pm
longer than three hours and the last voter at one polling station in palm beach county cast his ballot at 2:30 in the morning, 7 1/2 hours after getting in line. no timetable set for a hearing on the federal lawsuits. >> and florida has really, really long ballots and a lot of stuff on them. what are the early numbers have. >> in some cases 11 different constitutional amendments and can take you 20 minutes just to read the entire ballot. as far as the numbers go, almost 4.5 million have voted early and absentee balloting. no votes will be counted until tuesday, but right now the edge goes to democrat registered voters, but that edge is smaller than it was four years ago, when president obama carried the state of florida by less than 3%, shepard. >> shepard: steve harrigan live in tampa. thank you very much. messy signatures on mail-in ballots could be the hanging chads of the 2012 election,
7:47 pm
according to the reporting of a professor at massachusetts institute of technology, a professor who lead a voting research product and officials reject a lot of absentee ballots because of signature problems something he says is open for mischief. a growing number of voters is using the mail-in ballot option. of course, the hanging chad made history back in 2000 when election officials debated which punch ballots would count. the cia recently put out a time line of the september 11th attack on the consulate in benghazi libya. one top lawmaker says he isn't buying it. senator john mccain and his criticism of the report. ♪
7:48 pm
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>> after more than a half century of protecting america's interests. the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier is ending his service, returning to the home port in norfolk, virginia today after his 25th deployment. the enterprise has practice $in every major conflict since the cuban missile conflict in 1962, when it went into service it was the largest warship ever to sail the seas. >> newport news, launching of the u.s.s. enterprise has attracting sponsors. the navy vessels that bear the numbers the enterprise is the nirs nuclear flat top and the wor world's biggest ship. enterprise is still the longest aircraft carrier in the world at more than 1100 feet. and if you were to stand on its stern next to the empire state building, it would reach up to around the 92 it--
7:52 pm
92nd floor. >> and senator john mccain says he does not trust the timeline released on the attacks on the consulate in benghazi, libya. told judge janine pirro he thinks the time line is a coverup and wants a special congressional committee to investigate the attack that killed the ambassador in libya. and does senator mccain and lawmakers say they want to find out. >> shep, they basically want to know who knew what, when, before, during and after that abenghazi attack and a new probe mccain claims conflict with a secret state department cable viewed by fox news. >> fox has reported in the last few hours that there are people on the ground in libya
7:53 pm
that will directly refute their sequence of defense. this is a coverup, judge, let's call it what it is, it's a coverup. >> mccain admits it's difficult to get that senate probe in a chamber controlled by democrats, shep. >> shepard: steve, what are the president's advisors saying about this? >> well, shep, they still insist that the information is released as available and the president is totally committed to protecting those he sends overseas. >> he's the one who met those coffins when he came home so any suggestion that he would not take the necessary steps to protect them makes a decision not to take steps to protect them is just nonsense. >> and that's-- said that vice-president biden was correct the white house didn't know about a request. >> after two weeks of silence the national hockey league and players union actually got back to the negotiating table. and the word is is that talks
7:54 pm
went well, whatever that means. that may not mean the lockout is anywhere, the end is in sight. and we're talking to people that care about the lockout in the nhl. we'll get to it. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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>> an all-day face-off between a representative of the national hockey league and a lawyer for the players and still no word on any possible end to the ongoing labor dispute after yesterday's meeting. nhl deputy commissioner and a special counsel for the players said talks went well and hope soon. and they've canceled games through the end of this month as well as the new years day winter classic. and on this day in 1979, a mob of iranian students scaled the walls of the united states embassy in tehran and took 52 americans hostage. students said they were angry with the the united states for
7:58 pm
allowing the deposed sha of iran to enter the country for medical treatment. the standoff sparked a 14-month long crisis, complete with an arab oil embargo and a failed rescue attempt that led to the deaths of eight members of the u.s. military. the united states eventually negotiated the release of those hostages after ronald reagan won the white house from jimmy carter, the united states has not had an embassy in iran since, a different chapter 33 years ago today. and now you know the news for this sunday, november the 4th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow, noon pacific, three o'clock eastern time for monday studio b and back tomorrow night for a fox report. bret baier and megyn kelly on deck. 48 hours election from this evening. and we may have states called.
7:59 pm
as you decide 2012. this is america's election headquarters. headquarters. >> . >> shepard: and we're moving forward again. >> and bring change and get america working again. >> the focus will be on the president. >> and they're fired up, this crowd as you can tell. >> and can't afford to let a moment go by unanswered. >> and close on the battle ground states. >> taking you behind the scenes. >> reaching a boiling point. >> fair and balanced analysis. >> he need today dominate in a big way. >> barack obama. >> can he get the people out to vote? >> who will lead for the next four years. >> think about where we've been and how far we've come. >> his policies have not worked. >> first rule of the federal government is to keep the american people safe. >> we're four years closer to a nuclear iran. >> this economy has crushed the middle class. >> top down economi

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